So what do we do? – Part 1 – the Principles

I am very encouraged by some of the language of the Throne speech. I heard this:

  • All children would be involved
  • That families would be involved

What I am also hearing are the natural fears of those who work in the system as it is today. The members of ECDA and the Teachers. Both look ahead at declining enrollment. Both see each other as a threat to each other. Both start with saying that they are all about the Kids BUT then they talk exclusively about their jobs, their qualifications etc.

BUT hello everyone – this is about our children – they have to come first!

So while there has to be lots of discussions about how all of this will be organized, I want to put a stake in the ground about what it would mean if it WERE all about the Kids:

  • It is the emotional state of the mother that is at the heart of everything – in so many cases she has lost the tradition emotional and physical support of the extended family. Her state of mind is the single most important influence in the trajectory of her children
  • So before all kids go to Kindergarten – we must design a system that can work to provide this support.

Then all the aspects of where and what the institutions do can follow. If we make this into a war between the ECDA and the Teachers we will lose it all. If we keep this in the fron of our minds – than I also think the organizational issues can be dealt with in a way that works for all.


    2 Responses to So what do we do? – Part 1 – the Principles

    1. Mandy says:


      I know we’ve ‘butted heads’ in this topic before, be can’t help but notice your constant theme of ECEs only care about their jobs in your posts. Hello of course we do – why? For the money? I doubt it.. what money.. what a joke. I know most certified ECEs are in the filed because they CARE about children, first and foremost. But yeah, right now the hot topic is on jobs.. where they will go, what will it mean, who will do it? But can you blame us? In a field with such lack of security on a good day, we can’t forget about it now. And with most ECEs being woman themselves, many with their own young children to worry and care about, the idea of job loss can be down right scary. Can you fault a mother for that? worrying about where she will get the money to feed your own child, on top of worrying about the children she cares for on a day to day basis.

      I’m not sure this is a war between the ECEs and Teachers. Maybe some see it that way, I dunno. But then I hear ECEs talking, I hear the concern in their voices about what will happen to these children when they hit the school system. And not because teachers are not qualifies or caring.. but just the look in stricture change,

      We all have our fantasies and ideas of how our children should be raised. There are lots of studies down for this way and that… he said this, and she said that. But that doesn’t mean the care is not there. ECEs see things one way, teachers another. You see things different then I. Nothing wrong with that… but Rob I get this feeling that the ECE passion for this topic is not being communicated in quite the manner I think it’s being felt. I’m sort of tired reading that ECEs don’t care here. I value your views, your knowledge and your words… but this is wearing thin on me personally.

      I know this can be a hard topic because at the heart of it all is the children and families it will affect. But don’t forget the working families this will affect to.. they are just as valuable. So if that means right now people want to talk, complain, bitch, brainstorm, fight, or just think silently, I think it’s all important and all ok…

      just my thoughts.

    2. robpatrob says:

      Dear Mandy
      I know that you care – care a lot and I am sure that most do. If I was you, I too would be immediately and directly concerned. I also know that the pay the ECE’s get is derisory. I might be pissed off about me too!

      What I am asking us all to do is to look first of all at what we need to do collectively to help our kids have a better start. I think that if we can step back and do this – all might be better for all of you.

      What I fear is that the debate narrows to a fight between Daycare owners, ECE’s and Teachers and what kids need is left in the dust.

      I will try and do a better job at explaining what I mean by having a broader look and by seeing how we can offer ECE’s a better deal in a post today

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