The group is building

February 24, 2008

There are over 150 members on the Facebook Site – thanks everyone – keep on asking your friends to join.

ThereĀ  are 46 signatories to the petition The link shows you the comments – if you wish to remain anonomous you can do that. You can sign here.


Concerned? Sign the petition

February 13, 2008

Here is a link to a petition – Concerned that we are being rushed and that there are risks in confining the issue to spaces?

Here is the text – if you agree please go to the link here and sign.

The Prince Edward Island Government has quickly and quietly asked for public input into the proposed amendments to the Child Care Facilities Act and Regulations. I am only addressing one proposed amendment of the Act in this petition.

I do not feel the government gave due notice and opportunity to educate the public on the proposed changes to the Act and allow for quality feedback during public consultations.

1. Little notice was given to allow for working families or public to attend public consultations.

2. Little information was given as to the actual proposed changes to the Child Care Facilities Act and Regulations. A link to the Act was advertised (link below), but there was no way of knowing what amendments have been proposed.

3. The Child Care Facilities Act and Regulations states:
“12. (1) Subject to subsection (2), the Board “shall” issue a license to operate a facility, to an applicant if it is satisfied that
(a) the applicant and the facility comply with all prescribed requirements;
(b) the facility complies with all pertinent provincial and municipal laws; and
(c) the applicant has paid the prescribed fee.”

Through word of mouth, I have heard that the government would like to change the word “shall” to “may” so that they can have the final say over whether a new child care license application is awarded even if they meet all the required criteria as stated in the Act and Regulations.

This one word change could have huge implications to many on PEI, including parents, students, employees, and entrepreneurs or organizations who may wish to open or expand their services in other communities.

4. If parents allow this to pass, and the Board decided to freeze any new licenses, parents would lose their freedom of choice when looking for a child care facility for his/her child. There would be limited competition. Full centres would remain full with the potential of long waiting lists. Working parents may be forced to place their children in lower quality centres in order to earn an income.

5. Students in early childhood education programs may have limited job opportunities on PEI due to no job openings or growth. Other graduates would not be able to fulfill their vision of starting their own business.

6. The first five years of a child’s life is very critical and lays the foundation of learning for the rest of their lives. It all comes down to the best interests of the children of Prince Edward Island. The children of today are the future leaders of tomorrow.

Please do not let the PEI Child Care Facilities Board decline a license application if an applicant has met all the required criteria. They should not have the authority to limit the amount of child care spaces on PEI.

You can sign here at this link