This site is where we can talk more about what are the many important issues related to Child Care on PEI


3 Responses to Issues

  1. Tammy MacDougall says:

    I have two children under the age of three years old and I don’t think I should be limited to the places I choose for childcare. If I was to call around looking for a space for them now I would proably be told that I am going on a waiting list of about two years. By limiting the licences that would limit my choices as a parent as to where I would send my children. I think more centres should open so we have choices as parents on where to send our children.

  2. Gail says:

    And what about Kindergarten? I just registered my son, and I think I’ve found a great place. But I wonder about all those parents who are sending their kids to Kindergarten programs where their space is not subsidized because the government HAS capped licenses. Aren’t those parents upset that their child is not getting subsidized? I would be totally annoyed at that. Luckily I found a place that met our needs and was in my area. What if you had an absolute favorite place, that provided programs you’ve always attended, right from the day your child was born. And they did Kindergarten! But then you find out that to go there, it’s out of pocket.

    All because someone else decided that there were already enough spaces available. Sound familiar?

  3. April says:

    Here is another new issue. Why is kindergarten not free for all children on PEI? If a kindergarten program has the majority of seats filled, shouldn’t they get funding regardless if they are a new program on the Island? Again, this falls back to the choice of parents to make this decision. All children should have the same access to quality kindergarten, but if a program is not being funded by the Department of Education, should a family have to pay financially in order for their children to attend kindergarten on PEI. Where is the justice here? Access to kindergarten should not have limitations. It is my understanding that the Dept. of Education has frozen funding to any new programs because they state there are enough current spaces to fill the demand. Where are the statistics to back this up? If this is true, why are new kindergarten programs filling up, regardless of the fact that parents are required to pay?

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