What’s it all about – A Mother Speaks

This week we are going to do our best to offer up a context so that we can ALL do our best to help ALL our children on PEI. But first before we dive into some facts and figures – let’s look at the reality as it is lived in every family – where every child is special.


4 Responses to What’s it all about – A Mother Speaks

  1. Trisha Clarkin says:

    Nice production, works well with a strong message. I agree, in the world of public policy, the maxim could be, if it’s not good for kids we won’t do it.

  2. Maureen says:

    Thanks April. This is really touching and well done. It hits home to me as a parent of young children and I really appreciate your efforts and articulate message.

  3. Michelle Pineau says:

    Beautiful work, April (as usual)! What can the rest of us do to support you and your efforts? This is SOOOO important! While my own children are now 11 and 8, I can’t agree more with what you are saying and I want to do my part to help our collective future!


  4. Nita says:

    Your story was very nicely put together A very Strong Message I sure hope lots of people can watch the video,i hope yuo can get what you want for the Kids. As you all know they are Very Very Smart Kids,Good Luck….

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