What does “We care about Kids” mean?

All who are involved in this debate declare that they care about kids. I believe you. But I ask you, are you talking about a feeling or what you are prepared to do?

Two women were brought to King Solomon for judgement. Both claimed that a baby was theirs. Both made a very strong case for being the mother. King Solomon could not decide. So his judgment was that the baby be cut in two and half be given to each woman. One of the women immediately offered to give up her claim so that the baby would live.

The King of course gave her the baby. The woman who really loved the baby would give it up to save it.

This my friends is where we have to go. If we really love our children, we have to be prepared to give up a lot of what we want so that they can live. Feeling that we care is not enough – we all have to do the best. It is in our actions that our love will be judged by the future.

Here are the brutal facts:

  • In 20 years time, if there is low immigration to PEI, we will not have enough young to participate in our society. In 20 years time there will be more people over 70 than under 20We will not have enough capable people to do the work that every society needs to exists.  What do you think will happen to us if this plays out as it is set to at the moment? What will happen to you?
  • With so few young, every child in 20 years has to count. We can’t waste a life. I don’t think that this means that they all have to have a BA in Business. I think that they have to be capable, flexible, thoughtful, resilient, healthy adults. What are we on track for right now? Now nearly 70% of the kids that leave school are not able to be what we as a society need for our survival. 30% of the kids that enter school are already largely lost. 50% of the kids that are OK – leave the province! Right now, if we remain happy with what we are doing, we are in deep trouble.

So if you care about kids, tell me why you think that this is OK. Tell me if what we are doing now is OK? Is it OK? Are your worries the right worries? If you are on your way in the tumbril to the guillotine, it does not matter about your hairdo!

I am going to offer a few posts this week on the facts behind our challenge.

  • How few kids will there be
  • What kind of shape are they in
  • What about immigration and why is it that our poor education system is the most important blockage
  • What will be the challenges that we will have to cope with and what kind of people will we need – what are the outcomes that we need to have
  • Why is it that the Early Years are the only place where we have the time and the leverage to work
  • What is being done here that is now known to work

My hope is that we can find a more productive context than who will win


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