“Stay the Course”

‘What I’m recommending to parents when I get the calls is that they stay the course.’ (CBC)
β€” Linda Lowther, Dept. of Education

The P.E.I. Department of Education is suggesting that parents not rush to start children recently made eligible for Grade 1 next year.

The province adjusted the age eligibility for students starting Grade 1 last week, meaning children turning six before Oct. 31 can start school this year. Previously the cutoff had been Aug. 31.

As a result of the change, some parents are trying to enrol their children in kindergarten to prepare them for entering school in the fall, but the government is now saying parents don’t need to be hasty, unless their children can already read and are ready to advance.

“What I’m recommending to parents when I get the calls is that they stay the course, because they would have been planning to put their child in kindergarten in September anyway,” senior director of public education Linda Lowther told CBC News Monday.

“I really, really recommend highly that parents continue with that decision, that they leave their child wherever their child was, whether it’s in pre-K or at home, and that they start kindergarten in September.”

The government says it changed the age requirement at the request of parents who complained that children were able to start at a younger age in other provinces.


One Response to “Stay the Course”

  1. Gail Rhyno says:

    Stay the course…I would be so mad if my son qualified to attend grade one next year. He doesn’t, he’s a November baby. How dare they now put it back on parents…how many parents out there are jumping at the chance to get into grade one. Not because they don’t think Kindergarten is important, not becuase they aren’t worried how their child will now do in grade one…there are so many other reasons a parent might now jump to get into grade one. Anyone recognizing that parents may need this! Working parents, parents waiting to go back to work, parents who have been home for a long time with kids now waiting to get out into the work force? Even if all those parents say they realize Kindergarten is important, how many of them are going to take on another year of expenses for childcare if they don’t have to.
    It’s great that some parents now will say ‘well, I’m still going to put my child in Kindergarten next year even though they qualify for grade one’. But don’t then go and say all those parents who don’t/can’t do that are at fault here. That’s too easy for governenment to say. Shame on you.

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