Kindergarten Changes – What do you think of the decision?

As the week unfolds, we will all get a better picture of what it has been like for parents to make a call given only a weekend’s notice and what it has been like for staff to cope with this instant change. Here is the Guardian’s first report.

This left kindergarten teachers confused about how they would catch those students up to the months of learning they’ve already given the existing kindergarten children.
During a meeting on Monday, the Education Department told early learning educators and operators they don’t have to try to catch them up. They are being asked to offer these children a ‘readiness program’ instead.
This will climatize those children who have not previously been in a child-care environment to taking direction from teachers and will offer some fine motor skills preparation.
But Linda Lowther, senior director of public education, warned this is not the recommended route for children. “It’s barely going to get them ready,’’ she said.

Here is how the CBC told the story today:

Elizabeth Jeffery, owner-operator of Little Wonders Childcare Centre, said she had four students move up from the junior kindergarten on Monday into the regular kindergarten program in order to get them ready for first grade.

“I’ll have one kindergarten class and one readiness class. Unfortunately I don’t have enough time to finish the junior kindergarten class and give them the entire kindergarten curriculum within the next three to four months. It’s not physically possible. The children won’t be able to learn properly,” said Jeffery.

“The Department of Education has just asked us to do a readiness program for those children so that they know how to take care of themselves, go to the bathroom on their own, can work well in groups and so on. But they are not going to have the educational background that the rest of the children have. They are going to be at a great disadvantage.”

What is your opinion? How do you feel about policy being made about you and your children and you and your work – on the fly?


3 Responses to Kindergarten Changes – What do you think of the decision?

  1. The problem is the state thinks the parents aren’t capable of childcare with there own children.

  2. Elizabaeth says:

    I was shocked the government did what they did!!! I work with children and I believe they should not be pushed beyond their capablilities!! and this is what’s going to happen to the some of the children who will now be heading to school in the fall. 4 months is not long enough to prepare the children for what they need when coming into grade 1. Wake up Liberals and take a good look at what you are doing to these children. You have a child in prekindegarten who is now in Kindegarten and is now heading into grade 1 in the fall????????????? and only have 4 months to get ready come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! give me a break this is impossible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Linda Manderson says:

    I think the early childhood educators should have been consulted before any decisions were made regarding changing the age when children are eligible to start Grade one. If it was decided that it was necessary to make any changes within the current system then these changes should have been made effective for the school year 2009-2010. This was a foolish decision made without any regard for the teachers or the children or the parents involved. I think the decision should be revisited and hopefully executed in a proper manner the second time around. It is much too late to prepare for these changes for the school year 2008-2009.

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