Kindergarten – A Father Speaks – from the Comments in the Guardian

Here is a father speaking his mind:

Nick from PE writes: The decision to change the cutoff for grade one during the middle of a school year was an extremely poor decison by the Department of Education and the remarks given by Linda Lowther are ridiculous.

One of the main reasons for kindergarten is for students to learn the structure of a class environment before grade one and to be make sure all students have the basics. My son is academically ready to start grade one but I would have liked him to have the option to learn how a school day goes and more socializing skills before grade one.

They are the ones who made the obvious mistake.Do not put this on parents.

The fact they used the excuse that many parents phoned to say their children are ready for school is crazy. If hundreds of people phoned and said they needed one hundred dollars, would they just give it to them without thinking about it or talking to the people if would affect.

I am sure the reason they moved the date is because Nova Scotia changed their date from OCT.1 to Dec.31 for this upcoming school year and this is the date the majority of Canada uses for their cutoff.

Anyone could have figured out that you don’t change a date all at once during a school year but maybe this is what is wrong with our education system on PEI. They don’t put any thought into decisions.


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